Developing Stories

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Telling your story

It begins with personalized research and a passion for storytelling. We work with you to analyze and then determine how best to use multimedia as a key element to achieve your communication objectives. We’ll create a multimedia strategy that will enhance and complement your broader communications efforts.

We produce broadcast quality short-form films, interview series, and interactive multimedia. We pride ourselves on the quality of our core product—short films that enthrall audiences with visual storytelling. We also provide multimedia support for report releases, annual meetings and other strategically important events, including multimedia press releases, audio, slideshows, and videos to accompany events and presentations.

Our hallmark is the suite of complementary pieces that we create to strategically expand your international exposure and positioning. We take the footage we create and use it in multiple ways to reinforce your message: we’ll cut small vignettes from a larger storyline and write around it on your blog or Web site. We will also suggest ways to use interviews or clips on your blog, Web site, or in meetings and presentations. We never want our products to have just one outing.

While our films often deal with complex issues and abstract ideas, we like to tell stories through the people whose lives are changed. We deal in facts, and use the power of visual storytelling to connect with audiences.