Developing Stories

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Working with us

We advise clients on the best approach to meet their communications objectives, and how to gain optimal value from multimedia, whether targeting broadcast media, using Web and social media marketing techniques to drive traffic to your Web site, or re-cutting video for multiple purposes.

We work to the highest production values, and pride ourselves on our storytelling. We bring in the best in the business—cameras, editors, graphic artists, animators—designing teams around the needs of the project. We won’t cut corners on quality, and if you work with us you can expect the highest professional standards. But our prices are highly competitive because we insist on finding multiple uses for the material we create.

We maintain a small group of loyal clients and function as an extension of their core communications efforts. We prefer to collaborate with communications and Web specialists within your organization whenever possible because we believe our work will have greater impact as part of your broader communications strategy. We work in multiple formats and all around the world.

Measuring Success

Like you, we think it’s important to measure results and the change in behavior that can be achieved through the power of storytelling. We’re steeped in quantitative and qualitative approaches to measuring impact, and we’ll work with you to track key metrics. We’ll help you set your online metrics and social media targets, and work with you to monitor and refine your approach to measuring impact and behavior change.

Developing Talent

We are committed to developing talent in developing countries. We train and recruit talent throughout the world. Naturally, since we work in developing countries, we’re interested in what local talent can be tapped for our own projects. But beyond that we see film-making in the Internet age as the most democratic medium in the world. Anyone with a good story to tell can find their voice in film and broadcast it via the Web.