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Tigo: mobile insurance in Ghana

After Ella’s father died, her Tigo insurance paid for the funeral expenses and helped her complete her education as a teacher. What sets Tigo apart from other providers is that clients access it completely via their mobile phones. Tigo made a big bet that offering free insurance for people who used airtime on their mobile phones would pay for itself by reducing churn and increasing use of airtime. “They doubled the insurance market in its first year of operation,” says Peter Gross, Africa Regional Director at MicroEnsure. “Ninety-three percent of clients were brand new to insurance.” Airtime users can double their coverage by signing on to a paid plan, and plenty are: 30 percent end up converting to a pay-for-insurance model.
Tigo doubled the insurance market in Ghana overnight. Today, 1.3 million Ghanaians are insured through Tigo. The Tigo case has surprised many in the industry because it demonstrated that the business model works for all three parties involved–the insurance companies, the telecoms, and the clients.

Written, produced, and directed by Jeanette Thomas.
Filmed by Peter Cairns.
Edited by Marc Allard.

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