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Games and mobile insurance: a new frontier for insuring the poor in Kenya

Poor people in Kenya are acutely aware of the risks they and their families face every day. But they see insurance as a luxury for rich people.

This short film follows one attempt to use human-centered design to find out how to engage the poor.

The team explores whether interactive games and entertainment on the mobile phone can be used to engage customers with insurance products.

Islamic Microfinance Challenge: Pakistan

Many rural farmers in Pakistan will not take interest-based lending for religious reasons. So in 2009 Wasil Foundation began offering farmers in Punjab Shariah-compliant financing.

This profile of Wasil Foundation shows the results.

Wasil Foundation is the winner of the 2013 Islamic Microfinance Challenge, a global contest to encourage innovation in Shariah-compliant microfinance.

bKash me: mobile money in Bangladesh

Today bKash has become a verb in Bangladesh.

As the mobile money service has spread throughout the country more and more poor people have access to cheaper ways to transfer money to families in the villages.

Shameran Abed, Head of Microfinance at BRAC, says “It brings a lot more people into the formal financial sector.”

Bancarización: bringing a savings product to market in Mexico

Mexican banking meets California design in this film about creating a savings product for low income Mexicans.

22 million households in Mexico are middle and low income. Only half of them have a bank account.

So CGAP brought in, the non-profit arm of the California design firm known for pioneering human-centered design to work with Bancomer, one of Mexico’s largest banks, and come up with a product that will open the market to low income savers.

Eko: Chasing the Fortune at the Base of the Pyramid

Abhishek and Abhinav Sinha created a software program that allows migrant workers in India to send money using a cellphone.

Now their company, Eko, is working with two major banks to offer financial services to poor and low income customers using agents—local stores, pharmacies, and airtime resellers—as cashpoints.

This short film profiles Eko agents and customers to see how businesses chasing the fortune at the base of the pyramid are serving the needs of poor customers in India.

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