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Meet the Innovators: Forging a new future for the Western Balkans

Welcome to the Western Balkans, where they’re forging a new future and a new way of doing business. The countries of the former Yugoslavia and Albania are hardly famous for their entrepreneurial spirit. But travel around and you soon find a surprising number of new companies dotted throughout the Western Balkans that are already setting their sights beyond smaller domestic markets and looking to Europe, and the world.

The Last Mile: going mobile in rural Mexico

Hernán Garza shows the satellite dish on the roof of the Telecomm office in rural Santiago Nuyoó

Nearly 30 million people—a quarter of the Mexican population—live in rural communities, most with no access to cell phone coverage or formal financial services.

Telecomm, the state-run telegraph agency, thinks that they can create a new model that will bring basic mobile services and bank accounts into the hands of rural inhabitants and spur economic development in these rural communities.

They see Santiago Nuyoó as the chance to prove their case.

Going Viral

The search for the viral video holy grail is rapidly becoming big business.

In reality, making a video that “goes viral” remains more mystery than art or science.

Now the folks at Microsoft Research have created viral search, an algorithm that maps what happens when content goes viral.

But what does it take for a video to “go viral”?

Developing Stories CEO Jeanette Thomas says a good communications plan is key.

Why video? Why now?

When Gangnam Style swept the globe last summer it wasn’t just a dance craze.

Psy’s Gangnam Style video became the first online video to pass 1 billion views in just five months on YouTube.

In this blog post, Developing Stories CEO Jeanette Thomas argues that it was part of a massive trend toward visual content that is sweeping the Internet.

Video and multimedia storytelling is becoming one of the key ways in which people get their information, and share it with their networks.

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